Find out how Wendy Waeni’s talent made her rise from being just an ordinary girl in Huruma to getting performance invites from presidents all over Africa and touring the globe.

“A winner is someone who recognizes his God given talent, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goal”


We live in a world where success is associated with a limited number of careers. We are raised to believe that being a doctor, lawyer, engineer or working in the cooperate world are more or less the only celebrated careers.

One thing we don’t understand is everyone has his/her own talent and preference. Something you can do comfortably with passion and reach your full potential. Celebrating and embracing each other in whichever path one decides to take has a lot to do with success in the long run. Be it a dj , house help , makeup artist , tout , chef or hairdresser. Support encourages and motivates one to reach their maximum potential.

I had a chance to hold a conversation with a very young talented acrobat, WENDY WAENI. She is only 10yrs old, born and raised in Huruma from a humble family background. Wendy started doing acrobats a tender age of four, and now it has taken her to places she has never imagined. She has performed in front of presidents and many prominent dignitaries among them the President of Kenya Honourable Uhuru Kenyatta, Honourable Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Honourable John Mahama of Ghana and the British Prime Minister David Cameron. Above all, she is travelling the globe showcasing this talent; she recently finished her Asia tour and is now set to start on her Europe tour. I did an interview with her and this is what she had to say…

  1. A normal 4yr old would be playing with dolls, cars and water guns, what made you start doing acrobat at such a young age?


The members of my team used to practice on an open field not so far away from    where I live, I used to really enjoy watching them and I found myself imitating them. It became a daily routine and with time, they accepted me as one of them, trained me and gave me roles in some of their routines. I kept practicing with them and they started going with me to events as part of the team. With time I was part of almost all their routines. This is how I perfected my skills.


  1. At the moment, you are still in school, standard five to be precise, how do you manage to balance between your school work, acrobat practice, invitations to perform in events and most importantly your global tours?


During the week I concentrate fully on my school work and I have nothing to do with acrobats. I normally do my practice and attend events that I have been invited to during the weekends . During the long holidays that is  April, August and December is when I perform in events outside the country and do my global tours.

  1. What are some of the best experiences you have gained through your journey as a performing acrobat?


Getting invited to the State House by his Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta for a performance on Jamhuri day .Showcasing my talent in the World Talent Expo in Taiwan, China. Getting a performance invite from the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame, another one from the president of Ghana John Mahama and the British Prime Minister David Cameron.


  1. What are some of the worst experiences you have had as a performing acrobat?

 My worst experience was when we lost one of our members who fell down during practice and immediately passed away.

Wendy In Action (3)


  1. People in your community, your friends and school mates have been seeing you on TV, reading about you in the news papers and hearing your story on the radio, how do they react when they see you?

I get a lot of love from people around me and even strangers I meet on the streets. They are very happy with what I do and they shower me with praises. This really encourages and motivates me to continue doing my best in acrobats

  1. Since you have done this for many years, would you want to take it as a career or you have other career plans for the future?

I want to continue doing acrobats and performing, but when I finish my high school, I want to take medicine as a course in the university and become a doctor.

Wendy In Action (4)


  1. Given a chance to ask for one thing that would help you as an acrobat, what would you ask for?

I would ask for talent recognition by African governments. They should promote creative arts as an economic activity, this will help many young talented people.

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